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IP Lookup Map

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 6:17 am
by TheyCallMePotatoChip
When the site returns information after a query the resulting map which is geo locating the queried IP is shown in that region's language.

example: I make a query from my IP in the USA about an IP in China - the map shows me a geo location on a map with the Chinese language for region/state/city names.

It would be a nice change to geo locate on the IP I entered into the query box and return a map that is geo located on that queried IP but make the map display in the language of the submitting IP (mine). I query IPs all over the world and since I only speak English the map is cumbersome to read. My work around is to zoom the map out so I can see which continent and region I'm looking at.

Keep up the fantastic work! You guys are a staple to my daily life.