Misinformation on "Dynamic IP vs Static IP" page

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Misinformation on "Dynamic IP vs Static IP" page

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Still, there seems to be a lot of misinformation, concern and confusion about IP addresses. Part of our mission is to separate facts from hype and give you helpful information. You can learn more about IP address basics in our article called "IP 101".
This is a great statement - there's a lot of misinformation spread, and I fear that some articles on this website contribute to this.

The page I refer to is http://whatismyipaddress.com/dynamic-static

The first issue I draw with this page is this claim:
Static IP addresses are more reliable for Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), more reliable to host a gaming website or to play X-Box, Play Station, use Virtual Private Network for secure access to files from your company network computer, etc.
I agree that a static IP address is more reliable to host a gaming website (or any website at all). The rest is simply not true - VoIP is, assuming you have a connection faster than 100kbps, reliable. Static or dynamic makes no difference to this. Gaming consoles the same (with slightly higher speed requirements, of course).

The second (and frankly most concerning) is this:
Static IP addresses are also great if you use your computer as a server, as it should give your file server faster file uploads and downloads.
Static IP addresses don't increase upload and download speed.

Finally (and continuing from the first issue), the final paragraph of dynamic ip addresses:
In contrast, Dynamic IP addressing should not be used for VOIP, VPN, playing online games or game hosting because Dynamic IP addressing is less reliable then Static IP addressing and could cause the service to disconnect while you are on a VOIP, VPN or gaming.
IP addresses don't affect the stability of a connection.

I realise I'm not posting new text for the page as a suggestion - I've had a think about it and I can't come up with anything new.

This might sound more negative than it's meant, but it really is for the benefit of the site and it's many users.
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Re: Misinformation on "Dynamic IP vs Static IP" page

Post by Chrispcritters »

Yikes, that is a very old, very poorly written article, not sure how that got approved! We're in the process of having it entirely rewritten from scratch.
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