Multiple IP Lookup with Export

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Multiple IP Lookup with Export

Post by gorussgo »

First, I want to commend you guys for providing the most thorough and accurate IP lookup data that I have found.

My only suggestion/question would be to provide the exact same lookup capability for multiple IP addresses at one time. Some other IP lookup sites allow you to copy and paste a single-column text of IP addresses and provide a lookup by country, however this is the only information returned.

I would love to be able to dump in a list of IPs and return a table matching those IPs to Country, State/Region, City, ISP, and Org. Maybe in Excel format?

Also, does anyone know of any accurate downloadable tools with this or similar capability?
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Re: Multiple IP Lookup with Export

Post by manundim »

Hi All,

I also would like to have one such similar setup where I can retrieve details of multiple IP's. Is this something which can be done with subscribing an extra package with you?

Or can someone provide me similar API/program which provides such functionalities?

Any help on this would be appreciated as I found most of the similar sites out there don't have their results displayed in the way it did for your program :-)
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Re: Multiple IP Lookup with Export

Post by Chrispcritters »

Sorry, we do not currently provide a mechanism to display the results of a multi-ip lookup. You may want to look into the tools available from the major geolocation database providers:
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