Banned from a forum , VPN IP looked up.

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Catherine Tramell
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Banned from a forum , VPN IP looked up.

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When I make up a new account I get caught when the forum looks up my IP from a VPN ( Cyber Ghost ) It reveals too much info. I there a way around the forum checking the IP so they cannot find me ?
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Re: Banned from a forum , VPN IP looked up.

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No, networks are more strict now about keeping banned users out. If you think it's unfair and they are wrong, contact them and talk to them rather than trying to get around their rules. Good Luck!
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Re: Banned from a forum , VPN IP looked up.

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There's several ways around ip banning.

Your probably using a free vpn account. Most free vpns don't hide relevant info. The paid vpn services are more strict about disclosure.

However, that said.
Unless the forum has something of yours (ugc) that you want removed. Move on. There's a ton of forums on the net.

If you truly want and must be a past of that particular forum... As stated by the previous poster. Talk to them, kiss their butt, apologize... send them pretty ecards. Candy sometimes works. Money definitely works.
And see if they'll let you back in.

Otherwise.. spin the Google search wheel and pick another forum. Make new friends. Or start your own forum...?