Problem with my NordVPN connection and AppleTV

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Problem with my NordVPN connection and AppleTV

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I have a problem with my NordVPN connection and AppleTV(2). I hope someone can help me figuring it out.

I have setup Docker DDSM OpenVPN client with my NordVPN subscription to give other devices on my LAN access to the internet via vpn. so far so good! Netflix on e.g. the iPad is working and I can stream the US content.

The problem is with AppleTV, it is connecting to Netflix and I can browse through the US content, but when I try to play a movie I’ll get the error 139:NFErr_MC_AuthFailure.

I have searched (Googled) for a solution and applied different tips but nothing helps
restart AppleTV
logout and login Netflix
Sign out all devices (Netflix account page)
reset AppleTV

But still nothing! Still the same error. And When I switch to my normal internet connection whiteout VPN everything is working fine. So the problem seems to be with the vpn.

Has someone experienced something like this before? All the help appreciated.