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Is It Worth The Trouble

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2020 10:36 pm
by Sass Mouth
Of using a VPN? Google search hates it have to pass the dreaded bot test with “find the fire hydrant” every time. My favorite other forum disenfranchises automatically any VPN Haven't tried to long on here using my newly acquired VipN
Question is, (Im asking for a friend really and thats the story Im sticking too) my good buddy knows his wife is spying on him by either thru wifi, access to phone or phone bill or some way he cant figure out. He has a new iPad with passcode however the cell phone isn’t used with pass code. Could the be linked/synced some how ? He doesn’t want to do a total-wipe my butt clean-factory reset on the phone to erase any sneaky stuff that might be on it just yet He doesn't use iPhone to surf webb just new ipad yet his wife knows his text messages and almost everything he does in cyber space, sites he goes too everything. He also confided in me she has rat holed over $14,000 from his bank account to a secret bank account she has in the last two months thats not open to discussion.
How does his wife do it? Home wifi, sneak ware on iPhone, etc and what advantages does a VipN offer He uses cellular data not wifi when he needs to do any hush hush under cover internet activity.
Any ideas? He’s pretty simple, doesn’t have the most RAM, a Gigabyte short of a Happy Meal. His hard drive is pretty much a floppy disc.

Re: Is It Worth The Trouble

Posted: Wed Jun 30, 2021 3:50 am
by ryanpbrandon
What really are you talking about :D