Hiding a server

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Hiding a server

Post by Syntaxmovies » Sat Mar 16, 2013 11:23 pm

Hi there.
I need help for at project with a company.
I have some clients out in the country that needs to access a server and get login codes from that server. So data amount is not much. The thing is that we want to be able to hide the server, so if one of the clients are found, the IP used ind the client to log on to the server, wont be able to be traced back to the server. So in short, i need the put in a IP adress in the client that point to a proxy or something, that then again changes the request to the ip of the server. So nobody will be able to see the real IP of the server. There is no way to install any vpn software on the clients, and all data request are done on specific ports. Is there any way to do this?? It does not have to be free.


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