banned from a game

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banned from a game

Post by bannedgirl » Fri Nov 01, 2013 1:08 pm

Dear readers,

Since one week, I'm banned from a website for games. When I try to login, than I get the message: this profile has been banned because of violating club rules. I have more profile and none of them works. When I try to make a new profile, than I get the message: there was an error creating your account. Try with a new UserName. I tried with a lot of usernames, but also none of them works. I changed my mail address (and other information so I hoped they don't recognize me), but it still doesn't work. I also tried on another computer in my house (with other type of browser) to login and that also doesn't work. Only when I'm not at home and with another computer with other IP address, than I can login at my profiles and than I also can make new profiles. I have tried to contact the makers of the game (also because I don't know the reason why I'm banned), but unfortunately they don't respond, that's why I contact you readers and I hope someone has a solution for me.

I also have tried to change my IP address, but it didn't work.




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