How can I find my old e-mail settings?

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How can I find my old e-mail settings?

Post by baglanboy54 » Sun Nov 24, 2013 4:08 am

Two weeks ago my 10 yr old pc motherboard packed up, not replaceable or repairable due to it's age, although the hard drive is OK. I was using Windows XP professional and Outlook for my emails.

I now have a new computer with Windows 7.

The problem is that my emails were configured to use the e-mail address "[email protected]", and I have no record whatsoever of the e-mail settings. I need to get at the e-mails which have been sent in the last two weeks, and then carry on receiving them as normal.

The first question is can my settings, especially the name of the e-mail service provider, be found on the old hard drive?

If not, the second question is can my e-mail service provider be determined from the information contained in one of my old e-mails?

If neither of the above will work, are there any other options?

My website, is hosted by Talk Talk, and over four hours of phone calls to them have proven to be completely useless.

Thank you.


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