Intro and Question

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Intro and Question

Post by hip-ip » Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:27 pm

Hi everyone

I'm a newby, just signed up but look forward to contributing to the community.

I am starting an online business and currently looking at the ins and outs of ip addresses and the technology behind the web. I hope I can contribute in a meaningful way in the future, once I'm the full bottle :D

I have a couple of questions though...

When I entered my ip address into this site, it actually put the geolocation right at my house :o

I am most uncomfortable with this as I don't wish to leave myself (as I live alone with my young family) and particularly my children vulnerable (one of the reasons for having an online business is to not have a physical location).

Other sites had the geolocation in the next suburb, which is fine.

I have since changed my ip address and the immediate problem has been solved, however when I use this site to check my old ip address, the geolocation remains the my home. None of the other ip checking sites in the top 10 of google even have the address in the same suburb.

When I checked while visiting a friend and using her computer and it still came up with my home location.

I'm wondering whether at some stage of my process of learning about ip addresses on this site, I pressed the 'Update your IP location" button which gave my actual GPS coordinates to this site and it has saved them to its database, as none of the other sites come even close.

Although I have since changed my ip address and through this informative site now know about VPNs (using one now) and proxies, I have previously participated in other online business forums, webinars, subscriptions and have my ip address (and now as I know it my physical address on this site) scattered all around the internet, particularly when doing research and communicating by email.

My security and that of my family is of utmost importance to me and I am wondering if there is any way in which I can have the GPS coordinates associated with my former ip address reset on this site, to rely only upon the data provided by the geolocation companies and not from my computer.

Any assistance would be of great help.

Thank you.



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