Can you trace an IP from a deleted Instagram user ?

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Can you trace an IP from a deleted Instagram user ?

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I have a question about a friends situation. I think she may be overrracting but I want to ask anyways.

My friend is a teacher. She had her Instagram public and had an account, with a random display pic and not really any friends, post a comment on her picture saying "You teach my son and I'm reporting your account because it's inappropriate. I also looked up your username and found your Facebook and will report that too." She blocked him, made her account private, changed her picture and name, etc. Then he created a new account and sent her that message. Then he created another, with that message written in a picture and had it as his profile display pic and sent her the pic with that same message. She responded saying that she doesn't believe him and that she reported his account and will have his IP traced. He deleted that account as well and no one has bothered her since so she probably scared him off.

If she reported this to Instagram what will they do?
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Re: Can you trace an IP from a deleted Instagram user ?

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In theory Instagram likely retains all information concerning an account for some time after it is deleted. If Instagram decides that the behavior violates their terms they could shut down all accounts that were related to the abusive account. What they actually do will be determined by their policies, which I do not know.
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