This site reports "Static" IP My ISP says DHCP

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This site reports "Static" IP My ISP says DHCP

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Sorry for the duplication - if so

After a lengthy and fruitless discussion with my provider disputing the report from your site with regard to my IP being tagged as "Static" verses "DHCP" I am wondering where the feeds to your site come from, my ISP or a higher source. All I can see from what little information provided by the ISP is that I have an DHCP address which renews constantly and never changes even with a reboot of the router. My ISP states the only time my current address will change is if I physically change my router and disconnect it from the net for something in the neighborhood 2 weeks, which seems a tad extreme. In any event the response was very vague. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: This site reports "Static" IP My ISP says DHCP

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This is a "best guess" based on available information and only your ISP knows for sure. If they say it's a dynamically assigned IP address then I'm sure it is. Being listed as static instead of dynamic on our site will have no impact on your ability to use the internet.

While reserving an IP address for two weeks after the router has been shut down is much higher than most ISP's it's not unheard of. Most will reallocate an IP after around 8 hours of the router being disconnected. If you're router has a "clone MAC address" feature using it would get a new IP address issued by your ISP.
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