how to bypass ban

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how to bypass ban

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I have been temporarily banned on for 14 days. I tried everything to bypass the ban, i.e., deleted cookies, changed ip, made new ids etc but all invain.
I used another computer and hid my ip and i was able to bypass the ban but only for one day. Next day i was banned on that computer too.
Can someone help me bypassing this ban?
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Re: how to bypass ban

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No. You are lucky that site did not ban you forever. I guess whatever you did was not that bad. Please don't try to bypass bans when you break the rules of a site you like. If you really feel the ban was unfair (and sometimes they can be) then contact the site and explain it to them and ask for forgiveness. If they refuse then thank them and wait the 14 days.

Or you can keep looking for a way around their ban. But keep in mind that if they figure out what you are doing they could ban you forever....