Speed test much faster on ipv4 than ipv6

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Speed test much faster on ipv4 than ipv6

Post by Kalnory »

I've been having problems with my internet
I use XFinity and I have a Netgear router

Everything is okay until it's not.
So I do a speed test on ipv4
560.35 download Mbps
4.20 upload
Latency 2195

With ipv6
3.37 download mbps
3.32 upload
Latency. 149

That is a big huge difference.
I've been so slow with my internet that it's driving me crazy.
Had tech come out.. Useless..

Is there a way to change my router to ipv4?

Would it even do anything?

I am not a tech person
At all

I just noticed the change in the speed was astonishing and thought maybe it could help me somehow..

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Re: Speed test much faster on ipv4 than ipv6

Post by Chrispcritters »

That's quite unusual.

Many routers support the ability to enable/disable IPv6. I'd check and see if your modem/router can.
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Re: Speed test much faster on ipv4 than ipv6

Post by nielsencl1 »

The Latency of your IPv4 doesn't seem right and what speed is your account rated for?

I have xfinity with a DL of 62.33 Mbs and upload of 6.21Mbps. So your number are really out of wack any way you look at them.

I have a modem/router. Is that what you have or do you have a modem and a stand-alone router? If so, try plugging into your modem directly and run a test.

Bottom line, you are paying for the service and if one tech could not fix the problem, request level II support so you can get the service you deserve.