Help for a banned account

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Help for a banned account

Post by Derelict Red » Sat Nov 04, 2017 12:44 am


I may be in the wrong place. But I am most clueless about things online.

I've only ever been into one online game. A very simple game. And I was banned temporarily from it.

The thing is, it is completely wrong of the devs. I was banned for a duplicate thread. Where people had already made duplicate threads. Then when I got back on, I protested against the devs lack of accountability for banning. They do not warn for banning at all, their rules are unclear. A bunch of people joined me on the forums. Then the devs banned me. Only me, again, for longer than a week. For talking about banning.

I am a guild leader there, of a hundred fifty people, big for that game. But they banned me so easily, while they don't fully ban people who post porn and cheat in dueling. It's very insulting and kind of humiliating. And I loved this game, had two years on it, three highest medals.

I sent them a very sincere apology. Ignored. Said it was nothing personal. The rules. Tiny rules used only against me. I am not even looking for a way around the ban, just... Any help or information at all. It's not a massive oppression, I just feel hurt that after all the time and writing I've put into this game, they ban me without care for discussion. I had alternative accounts, allowed in that game, they followed me and banned more of my accounts when I tried to tell what happened. I am not good with online things, it it a simple site. And my friends there tell me players never win against the Devs, that it was my fault for simply protesting unfair banning - calmly - even though other respected players joined me.

I know this isn't exactly the place... But I don't know where to go or what to do. They only temp banned my main account, but permabanned some of my highly developed alts. It's just really frustrating and has made me quite depressed. What can I do?

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Re: Help for a banned account

Post by nielsencl1 » Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:20 am

I understand your frustration, but you have to understand the owners of game sites like the one you have been banned from. They have many people trying to do things against the rules all the time. After some time they become more and more strict. You may not like what I am going to say but I think you should hear it and others should too:

You broke the rule about duplicate threads. It doesn't matter if others did this too. Sometimes the rules are not "fair" but they are still the rules. If someone robs a store and is not punished, do you think you should also be able to rob a store? No.

After you broke the rule and had the temporary ban, you complained that you were punished for breaking the rules. It sounds like you kept complaining until the owners got tired of it and so you were banned again. Then you created new accounts to get on the site again. At this point, you are trying to fight with the site owners and OF COURSE they are going to do what they can to win the fight!!!

I think you have been one of the best customers for this game site, but you have misunderstood your status as a customer. Breaking the rules has taken away any value you may have had as a customer for that game site.

You have three possible options as I see it:

1) You can find the contact information for the owners and send them a detailed message that lists ALL OF THE THINGS YOU DID THAT WERE WRONG. Then apologize for what you did and explain that your love of the game and your sense of what is "fair" caused to to act in a way that was against their rules. Apologize and tell them you will do anything they ask to make it up to them. Offer to pay them if you can. Show them how very much your main account in the game means to you. I would also offer to promote their game site on blogs and game forums for free. If you do something like this they MAY change their minds.

2) If you don't want to do #1 above, then I would use one of your new accounts and close the rest. You built up a good reputation before and you can do it again. You will be an even better member than before because you have learned a lot that you did not know before. It's just a game and you can keep playing.

3) This could have been the best thing that ever happened to you. You have been having fun with the game, but you have been spending many hours with entertainment. It's just a GAME. Now that you have been shut out you could keep fighting with the owners, or you could realize all that time and effort doesn't really get you much or improve your life. You are clearly pretty smart to do so well with the game and are a hard worker. I think you should take some of those skills and find a way to make some real money. If you can do that you will have real value that you can save and invest or spend on whatever you want. Maybe go back to school or take some education courses online at sites like Heck, you could even teach a class in the game you know so well!

If you don't try 1 or 2 above I hope you consider #3. Stop feeling sorry for what you have "lost" and realize that your gaming experience has giving you a lot that you still have and that you should do well at whatever you focus your attention on!

Good Luck!!!


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