ARIN Location update?

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ARIN Location update?

Post by copperman22 »

Does this website not update it's location database via ARIN occasionally? Also there seems to be a MAJOR issue with allowing whomever is coming from that IP to updated it. Do you guys not see a major issue with that??? I can just hop around to internet cafe's, hotel public WIFI, and just update the IP to random locations to screw up your database. Not that i'm going to, just possible..

Also EVERYWHERE i looked had the correct locations for my IP except this website... IP is in Georgia,, your website shows JAPAN! WTF!? :x

I will not be recommending this website to anyone and telling anyone this website has bogus data.. UPDATE YOUR LOCATION DATABASE or get rid of them!!!!
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Re: ARIN Location update?

Post by nielsencl1 »

I've been using this site for a number of years and I have not seen many problems like you are describing. But I would expect this site to be pulling data from ARIN and not storing it, although I may be wrong about that.

But just so you know, I have seen a lot of bogus data when directly using ARIN. I think it's more a problem with the sub-blocks that are re-assigned by the owner of a block who doesn't update ARIN.

What's your IP address that you say is not being looked up correctly? I would like to check it for myself.

And how exactly would you be able to screw up this site's database, assuming they even have one for IP address look ups?
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Re: ARIN Location update?

Post by resnet1 »

You need to understand this website before you berate it as you do. This site looks at the ip history and how many other times in a short time span it has visited this particular website. It collects several pieces of general information: browser version, operating system, and other bits of the fingerprint. It also tests for known services against that ip address. There are several things that go on in the background that you never see.

All of this information is compared to the local database for that particular ip address to see if it matches any other known information. The location, rather the country/city/state does not just come from a monthly database provider (i.e. Maxmind) but from what I assume is a culmination of several sources of data.
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