I think my Ip address is cloned

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I think my Ip address is cloned

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Ok I have two ip addresses on my phone. One is a static ip I think I did not set it up. It was done remotely by a group of hackers that monitor and harrass me when I play online gameing. This has gone on for over 5 years now My phone will not detect any malware . but I've found some on the open source licenses in my phone as well. Changeing my email or info has 0 effect . like it doesn't matter. I've tried fileing police report years ago. Wich did nothing. I've looked and seen in on black list but I don't even have a computer to hack with. I'm tired of this . so I thought I'd see what would happen if I started a chat forum to see if anyone has any idea what to do now. This has to stop.!
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Re: I think my Ip address is cloned

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What are the IP addresses you are seeing on your phone that concern you?
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