Information regarding router ip address

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Information regarding router ip address

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Hi all. I would like to learn a little bit more about routers' IP address. I know that a router has a LAN and a WAN ip (internal and external). Are these dymanics or statics? Can be changed both or only a specific one? How can these be changes?
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Re: Information regarding router ip address

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You can always change the routers internal ip address range, but it must comply with RFC standards on the internal ip range space. You cannot just put any range in there you want. Internal ip address space is generally located in the 192.168.x.x space, as well as 172.x.x.x and 10.x.x.x. External ip addressing space must also follow specific guidelines for routeable public ip address spacing.

There is never a real reason to change your routers internal ip address range unless you have good reason to. And your public range is handled by your local isp and does not require any intervention by you.