How I Changed My IP Address

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How I Changed My IP Address

Post by hip-ip » Thu Aug 27, 2015 7:35 pm


A little while ago I changed my IP address. It took me over a month to figure it out but this is what I learnt;

My IP is dynamic and has a lease period. I'm not sure how long it is.

Suggestions in many forums were to leave my modem off for 24-48 hours but I couldn't be without the internet for that long as I rely on it for work and study.

There were other suggestions such as use bridge mode with a router and/or change the MAC address. Too technical for me :)

This involves a factory reset so check with your provider that their information will reload into the modem after the reset has been done.

So I stumbled upon this method, though I intially thought I had wiped the modem, which is a Netgear;

1. I Logged into the modem. I needed to find the username and password but I have found that most have generic usernames and passwords. Netgear is Login is admin and Password is password. I changed it by going to Maintenance>Set Password

2. Try to do a back-up of your modem data onto a memory stick or file on your computer to reload later. (I didn't do this but I hadn't made any changes. I only just figured how to log in to the modem. Recently figured out thats what I should have done). Maintenance>BackUp in the modem.

3. After reading about bridging I thought I would set into Bridge Mode and see if I would get a new IP address and if it didn't work I would set it back. I set the modem in Bridge mode by disabling NAT. Advanced>NAT Mode

4. Rebooted when prompted.

5. I was not able to use WiFi from then and PANICKED. So I then turned the modem upside and pushed the factory reset button with a paperclip and hoped for the best.

6. The modem rebooted, WiFi reconnected but I was unable to log on to the internet. I logged into the modem checked under Set Up>Basic Settings and there was no IP address assigned. I though I had wiped the modem, PANICKED

7. After about 10-15 minutes I had internet access again. I rechecked the IP address (Set Up>Basic Settings) and it had changed :D

8. I then went about setting a new modem password.

I'm not sure if this was a one-off fluke or a proven way to change an IP address with a Netgear modem but it worked for me on that occasion.

I hope this helps someone.



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