Autotrader has blocked me! IP address???

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Autotrader has blocked me! IP address???

Post by tinytim911 » Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:10 am

Hello, just joined the site and need some help please.

I sell a few cars a year on and recently discovered a small problem. I was in the process of advertising my 5th car in six months when all of sudden I come to page that says 'We are unable to process your request. Please contact the sales team'.

I instantly thought this was something to do with my IP address on my home computer. I went to an internet cafe with a new mobile number, e-mail address and then hey presto, the advert went through. I have since returned to this internet cafe 3 times and then today I get the message again telling me to contact the customer services centre.

Basicly what I am asking here is can I get round this? I have used some proxy server sites that you go to first then go to the website you want and unfortunately does not work or it does not let you advertise. I assume you must have a visible IP address for them to allow you to put any adverts on. I have tried turning off the router overnight but found my IP address is fixed to my residential address so its not going to change.

I was hoping there was a UK company you could use that would act as your IP address and be able to change it if and when you want to. Even if it costs an annual fee then no problem. Is this possible? Is there any other suggestions out there as to how I can get round this?

Many thanks



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