Remove hacker from my device and everything else

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Remove hacker from my device and everything else

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So about 10 months ago I realize my phone was acting up so I started Google in and make a long story short my SIM card was cloned my phone was hijacked and taken over and the features on it or controlled by someone else cuz I'm hooked up to their computer voice over IP software program and they control my phone intercept my phone calls or block certain numbers and put a tdos attack on my phone and it's flooding my phone lines with scam calls and set up phone calls to Michael. They ran up my data calling all these 1-800 numbers praying credit cards and activating them and doing their organized crime on my network and then hijacked my cell phone account where I couldn't get access to it. I was told by the USPS but my IP address comes back to a government federal agent server now why would my cell phone be hooked up to a server and not a network? When I review my phone plan it shows me and my call was all these numbers that I do not call Latimer spoofing numbers and then none of my data is used cuz I'm out on another server which has firewalls up in my webmasters name is Nicholas Stegentwhich is my ex-boyfriend. So I'm very confused on how the hell to remove a hacker out of my phone accounts my life and why are they after me and what is the problem why are they doing this to me I don't understand why I'm being victimized by hackers that are engaged in organized crime and drug dealing
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Re: Remove hacker from my device and everything else

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I suggest that you visit a physical store for your wireless provider to have them help you with resetting your device to factory original settings, making sure it is fully updated, and that all account security features are enabled.

You should also change the password associated with all your online account (use a password manager if you are not already doing so) and enable two-factor authentication where available.
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