us vpn will be better than proxy?

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Re: us vpn will be better than proxy?

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it depends on what is you priority. Security? Performance? Anonymity?
Security: VPN offers more security than Proxy because VPN usually runs encrypted data between your PC and VPN server. Hence, VPN always requires you an extra installation (usually a TCP/IP Net-driver) on your PC site :shock: .
Performance: VPN could be a bit slower than proxy because nothing is for nothing. Encryption consumes CPU-time :mrgreen: However, the performance is also very dependent on the traffic last. A less frequented Proxy server runs, of course, faster than a heavy burden VPN server. Or exactly the opposite 8-) .
Anonymity: Uh...oh. If a greedy mole works on a site where you "vpn" or "proxy" your anonymity is the question of How-much. By the way, every server (VPN or Proxy) has usually a log where activities are "logged". Now, again, it depends on the details of the log. Perfunctory or with original IP of its visitors/users? And when you have sympathy with Bin Laden the Feebee knows how to etch off your IP then your name, your address... :shock: