Two requests.

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Two requests.

Post by Resistance »

Good day, I've recently been looking for a free and unique (to me) proxy, not an online proxy but one that can be be configured into my webbrowser (so a port needs to be avalible)
If anyone knows any information on this please could they please post a link.

I would also like to know if there is any program in which I can customise my outgoing IP so that if I choose it can read
123.456.789 or 111.111.111 or 000.000.001

Or basically whatever I want?

Thankyou greatly to anyone who helps.
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Re: Two requests.

Post by iastaff »

No, you cannot randomly generate ip addresses for any range or numbers you want. Thats not how the system works. Each provider (isp) is assigned a certain range and thats the only range they can issue their clients. As far as browser proxies go, you can see whats out in wild by clicking here.