Getting Accurate (as possible) Location Data

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Getting Accurate (as possible) Location Data

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I'm a web developer and was given the task of trying to determine where our user are logging in from. I have been looking at several providers which, at first, seemed to work OK.

While at work it correctly stated which town/city I was in, but when I tried the same test from my home PC it said I was in a City over 200 miles away? However, when I entered the IP address being used for the lookup into your IP lookup page it identified my City location correctly :!: :shock:

Can you enlighten me as to why your IP lookup seems to be the only one (I've tried quite a few in the lasts few hours) to identify my location correctly? Even the paid services I have started a trial with (so far) have me 200+ miles away :?

Is your IP Lookup available as a service I/we could use? Or if you are using an external service, could you tell me which so I can enquire about using it also?

Thank you for your time, look forward to your reply...

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Re: Getting Accurate (as possible) Location Data

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It's possible that you shared your location with us at some point.

At we list a number of the providers out there. At the bottom of the page we list the user-reported accuracy. Keep in mind that user-report accuracy is a biased sample. It's also an international sample while your site may have a different audience.

Due to contractual obligations we are not able to provide API access (nor do we allow scripted access) to our geolocation data.
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