IP address Tracing and Identification

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IP address Tracing and Identification

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Does anyone know how to trace hacker's IP address? I have noticed someone has hacked my android phone, macnotebook and iMac desktop. It was not a problem to get an IP address when there was an attempt and notified by Facebook security team. But it was just frustrating and a annoying when someone actaully added two photos on my smartphone photo gallery app. Because of this hacking issue, I was unable to continue my studies and unable to keep a good social relationship with anyone whom I've known very well. Can anyone help? Any suggestion? Thanks!
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Re: IP address Tracing and Identification

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Was the only hacking you saw photos being added on your Android phone?

Take a look at the article: What to do if you've been hacked
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Re: IP address Tracing and Identification

Post by yankeelady2015 »

Hi ecy0218 once you get your issues resolved, and if you don't have an anti virus software on your android, head over to https://www.webroot.com/us/en/home/products/mobile Webroot is an excellent product especially for Androids. You can even just try it out and you like it out on your phone you can purchase the software(It's inexpensive). You won't be disappointed. I'm not a Webroot employee I'm an advocate.