IP address Tracing and Identification

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IP address Tracing and Identification

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I need to find my ex. His running from cops and me. He has stolen my car, and S6. I have 2 email addresses for him and my phones IMEI no. Is thier anyone that can help me plz.. I don't know what or who else to ask. As living in SA means a pizza gets to your house before cops do. So i fear if i don't ask help online. I might just foeget about ever getting anything back
... plz help me! Plz
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Re: IP address Tracing and Identification

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Unfortunately there are not a lot of options:

1) Continue to work with the police as they can subpoena records from the cell phone carrier
2) Ask the cell phone carrier to see if they are willing to locate your phone for you
3) Hire a lawyer
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