Mail Servers?

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Mail Servers?

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Hello, I am researching various IP addresses and I am seeing a few different IP addresses being listed as Likely Mail Servers and the ISP is coming back as AT&T or some normal local cable companies. These IPs look to be associated with identity theft in some way shape or form, so how and why would an identity thief utilize a "likely mail server" IP address? The obviously hides their true IP, but why use a "mail server" versus a normal proxy or VPN or website like hma?
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Re: Mail Servers?

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Without you providing at least one IP address to look at and how you believe they are associated with identity theft it's difficult to respond to the underlying question you are asking.

I normally see the combination of "mail server" and "identity theft" associated with email based scams. Someone claiming to be some military contractor in Syria that found a lock box full of money and they want to send it to someone... The sender is obviously not who they claim to be and the recipient runs an email trace that only comes back to the mail server the sender used -- many email providers no longer include the sender's IP address.
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