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IP LookUp

Post by pamelachicago »

Please help me. I'm baffled. I live in Elk Grove Village, IL. My boyfriend stays w/ me most of the time.
He has his own business, and you can inquire for a rate via his website. Some way some how he got a bogus email
from an overseas agent in England. He hired a skip tracer ? Evidently, the IP addressed traced back to my own house
ip address traced to : I live in Elk Grove Village, IL and my provider is Comcast.
He now thinks I'm doing sneaky stuff on the side. I am NOT and I didn't do anything.
Is this an address where lots of computers use in my area ? I've traced this today all over the place.
I'm sad/baffled/confused
This makes me look bad like I did something wrong to him,
and I did not.
? do other computers / using comcast in my area use this IP public address ? Or just mine ?
I am sad/baffled confused and
thought you can shed light ?
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Re: IP LookUp

Post by nielsencl1 »

The message could have come from another computer that used the same IP address, but I suspect your boyfriend or the person he consulted didn't know what they were doing. If the original email is still available I could take a look at it and tell you what I think, no charge. Just send me a personal message on this site.

The bogus email COULD have been sent from your computer without you knowing about it if your computer had been hacked. But there is no way of telling for sure without looking at the email.

By the way, if your boyfriend doesn't believe you, then why are you guys staying together??? Just wondering.