Sock Puppet -- need help with IP

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Sock Puppet -- need help with IP

Post by MippyD »

I am a moderator of a forum. We have been having an issue with a member with duplicate accounts. Can somebody please walk me through this.

The member in question mostly uses a mobile phone. They have uses a broadband wifi account that is recorded on WhatIsMyIPAddress as a static IP address. So two different members show up on this IP address. No, it's not two different people living in the same house. And then these same members show up as duplicate accounts on mobile IP addresses.

So anyways they use their mobile A T & T account the rest of the time. So how likely is it that IP addresses assigned by A T & T repeatedly show up for a member with the static IP address of their wifi and mobile IP's. We do get other members on these IP;s from 2015 and 16 but no members recently. They have created numerous sock puppet accounst that are identified with these duplicate mobile IP's.

I don't want to accuse somebody who is innocent. Can somebody walk me through this.
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Re: Sock Puppet -- need help with IP

Post by nielsencl1 »

I would consider dropping a cooking on their device that has something like a username or number. Also create a unique code perhaps with date/hour/minute/second for each device. Check that the cookie is set each time, but never change if it exists.
Each time they login check for that cookie and record what the username is, then change the cookie to their current username. Keep a log file to record the time/date, IP address, old username, current username, device ID, and check it after some time.

You should be able to see if the same device is using different IPs and usernames.

I think you are correct that it's not two people, but it could be. Your message is a little confusing because you talk about two people, yet you mention numerous sock puppet accounts.