IP Geolocation

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IP Geolocation

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I have Windows 10 desktop, Laptop, a cable modem, and a router & several WiFi devices in my system. My ISP provides a Dynamic IP address, but it's not Geolocated in my area. As a result, apps that need my location are wrong. I need to change my IP address to one in my area. I will switch to a Static IP address, when I can get one that is Geolocated nearby.

How can I find an IP address Geolocated in my area?
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Re: IP Geolocation

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The simple thing would be to find an ISP that is located in your area and switch to them. The other solution would be to find a proxy service that has a location in your area.

The last option might be to get a static IP address and then have your ISP register the IP address with ARIN (or other authority) so that it is correctly assigned to your actual location.