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I don’t know if I am in the right place to ask I have no idea i just have nowhere else to turn.

I invited someone into my house to buy a puppy from me about 2 weeks ago. They firstly gave me fake notes for the puppy which pissed me off but I could have ignored. What is making me the most angry is I had a savings jar in my front room which had collection money for my grandmothers burial funds in it and whoever it is has taken that also while I wasn’t looking and then had the audacity to text me saying thanks for the money!!! I have already contacted the police and they have said they cannot trace the person. So maybe someone here can help me I’m not sure.
All the information I have follows

Name: kenzie cole
Age: 18 (stealing from a young damn age)
Phone number: 07711107751
Email address [email protected]

Any information or advice would be very useful. Thank you in advance
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Re: HELP!!!

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The phone number you listed appears to be for Mexico. If you are also in Mexico you may be able to get a lawyer and get the information about who owns that phone number. Then the police could maybe do something. Otherwise there is not much you can do. You might be able to get some information from But that would take a court order and may not help much.

I am sorry, but I think this is a hard lesson for you to learn about trusting strangers and not hiding valuables away.