Puppy Scam

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Puppy Scam

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Hi, I think I'm getting scammed by a puppy seller, and I do not know what to do... I know the money is technically lost, but would be nice to have some extra info. I have the "address", account number, name... and apparently I am in contact with "his" wife. Kinda sad, I know, and stupid of me. In my defense, I have been waiting to get this puppy for over 15 years. I knew it could be a scam, but I want this puppy so bad. I have their phone number and apparently they are based in Belgium, but the husband works in Amsterdam. Do you guys have any advise?

Thanks :(
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Re: Puppy Scam

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You have been waiting 15 years for a puppy that never existed. I am sorry to tell you this but I am pretty sure it is true.

You should stop contacting those people and don't even open their emails.

You should contact a local animal shelter and see if they can help you find a puppy that needs a loving owner. There are often many that need good homes and your desire and love will finally be directed in the proper direction. Good Luck!