Need Help My friend got Scam for $2000

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Need Help My friend got Scam for $2000

Post by Jessica2019 »

Hi can you please help me on this?

My friend got a email ending with, which is not her company's email. But she fell for it anyway and thought it was her boss.
So she replied the email with her personal phone number and the con man texted her and asked her to buy $2000 google play card with company credit card in Walmart.

So my friend went ahead and bought Google Play card, scratched and sent the code to the con man in text message.

What can i do now to find the con man? I suspect it is a previous coworker who got fired because of theft. All the information in the text messages reveals that he/she (con man) knows the company well. I mean, at least i would like to verify if it is the previous coworker, if i cannot find the con man.

Thank you!!!
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Re: Need Help My friend got Scam for $2000

Post by Chrispcritters »

Without a court order, you would only be able to get the general location of the email sender (if the IP address is in the headers).

I suggest that she immediately contact local law enforcement.

They can subpoena records from the cell provider (if it's a US company) and they can subpoena records from the email provider.
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