the detailed info of 2001:861:5641:8040:8db0:9052:9af3:9884

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the detailed info of 2001:861:5641:8040:8db0:9052:9af3:9884

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Hello all.

I have been very desperate since this happened.

My phone was robbed in Paris on the 15th of August. 6.5 hours larer, my google map account logged out from my phone, generating an ip address which is 2001:861:5641:8040:8db0:9052:9af3:9884

I have been searching the internet all over, trying to find more info but did not find anything.

I understand that the police in France should be the one to investigate this but they simply did not want to do anything.

I was just wondering if anyone could help me on this. I am willing to thank anyone who could help me to find the phone with money since on this phone ,there are thousands of photos that are priceless to me. Thanks.
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Re: the detailed info of 2001:861:5641:8040:8db0:9052:9af3:9884

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Unfortunately to get more information you'd need to hire a lawyer, file a lawsuit, and subpoena the customer records of the ISP --- or work with law enforcement.

If you had location services enabled on the phone and they haven't wiped it yet, you may be able to get a more recent location.

You can also check or depending on the operating system.
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