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Accessing illegally of my devices on mdm how do I free myself from this nightmare

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2021 4:36 am
by Karlanella47
Hi everyone I’m going through a up dns nightmare of 6years since building my home they have me on Telstra international and 1221 and mdm up tonight shows a few different ones which is normal on my iOS devices Apple are aware and also someone with my number also has a I’d in there name with my no but won’t help me either will my provider I cry daily I’ve lost 11.5 year of working so hard in my business as they have incoming call restrictions on me it’s local they absolutely terrorise me no one will help I’m dying for my life back dns this morning was now it’s it’s been 10.5133.45 or ages I put a VPN on hotspot a it was also accessed wifi connects straight to my device and by don’t know how at my front doors google virtual x 2 IBM I contact everyone no one get a back to me yesterday it said with no data on is dns I’m so confused as I said no one will help me tonight said hdpda sometimes wcdma it’s a nightmare I am craving my simple life back my iOS says I have a home pod that updates where I can’t find it what should I please don I cannot pay my bills thankyou so much