both my hotmail and google mail got hacked, cannot access!!!

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both my hotmail and google mail got hacked, cannot access!!!

Post by TOSCA » Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:06 am

please help me: ip 176-206-59-68 I think from Italy, hacked my mail and wrote all my friends to send me money in Abidjan!!!
24 hours already and neither google or hotmail are helping me!!!! I cannot access because he changed: password, telephone, secret question, support email... :x

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Re: both my hotmail and google mail got hacked, cannot acces

Post by Martin Greif » Sat Feb 04, 2012 2:33 pm

Sorry, but you are out of luck on this. Only Google or Microsoft can help you.

If you have your contact list somewhere else, I would create a new e-mail address and let all your friends know what happened.

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Re: both my hotmail and google mail got hacked, cannot acces

Post by mrcigysaver » Tue Feb 07, 2012 9:19 am

You have an option of saying you think your email has been compromised. use that and they will close the account for a period of time. I would create a new account and write to the hacker and find out all I can. They are hackers not geniuses. you can catch them on chat even in gmail on an anonomous account and msn on hotmail. Invite them and they will chat to you no worries. Play the game and get all the info you can. Get them to email you. Then you have their IP. Best is to get a phone number to know where to send the money they will want. Say anything to get that number. Then use gps and find them within 50ft. I am watching those who scammed me under so many different names they would be shocked to know they were all just me. I use chat a lot tho and they can not pick my IP from there so easily. You can get the boxes back tho for sure. First get them stopped. Gmail has a phone option even where they will sms you the new code to get in. Think you may have needed to set that up before hand tho. Or just say all of the emails you set up for this are unaccesable. I would still suggest saying you think they have been compromised or try logging in so many times they can not log in either. You only get so many chances then the account is suspended for 24 hours. You can tell if they are on line by inviting them on msn or gmail chat. Keep doing that when you see they are off line and they can not use the accounts as they will be asked to log in too and cant. They even sent me stuff to my printer once from my compromised hotmail account. Once I got back in I checked every contact and found all the emails I had received from one had been deleted. You can get them back too if you catch it in time. Good luck and have fun. I love the internet but some people make it more interesting than others. Be sure to contact everyone you can remember to let them know you are ok and dont need their money. you can find a lot of them on facebook probably. It is the test questions they are hacking by the way. anyone can hack into anyones account by answering the test questions. I spell the answers backwards myself.
all the best.


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