can you please confirm if I'm correct with my findings?

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can you please confirm if I'm correct with my findings?

Post by fsas » Tue May 08, 2012 4:27 pm

Hey there,
I know you guys must get this a lot but I'm really hoping to confirm that I have indeed caught a 'friend' out.
I've been receiving 2 emails from this 'person'. So 'two' people. One is themselves and one is pretending to be their mother (so I'm almost positive its the exact same person). They are using a hotmail account, and both X-Originating-IP's are exactly the same from those 2 different email addresses. One lives in the main town of their state and the other just outside (in real life anyway) but I know for a fact the mother does not live with my 'friend'. So to me I'm thinking there is no way in the world that mother is anywhere near the same computer as that person and therefore confirming their manipulative ways.
Would I be able to get a confirmation from someone more knowledgeable abot IPs. Is the X-Originating IP literally the personal, unique, one off IP for that ONE computer? There is no way in the world another person could send an email with that identical IP attached UNLESS they are using that exact computer? ***which in this case is impossible so clearly it's the same person just using 2 different emails pretending to be an extra person?*

Thankyou for your time!


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