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email tracing

Post by loopylou » Fri May 11, 2012 3:22 am

Please help if you can.

I recently sent an email to a higher authority at work about my boss. I couldnt use my own email address as I wanted the complaint to be anonymous and just brought to the attention of a higher authority so I made up a random email. I sent this email thinking my privacy wouldnt be affected but it turns out the person who received the email is bosom buddies with my boss. The email I sent was given to him and he made it clear around the office he was great mates with the person who received the email and would get to the bottom of it. Today he sent around an email saying he is in contact with a person whos job it actually is to locate IP Addresses and he has forwarded the details to him( I'm not even sure what an IP Address is!!). I am not sure if this person is part of a police team or what as there was no specifics just said someone who was in the job of IP location. I sent the email in good faith that my annonimity would remain intact and I wouldnt have sent the mail if I didnt think it necessary. I'm now sick to death worrying as to when I will be named and shamed and possibly sacked. The email wasnt of a viscious nature and I sent it as my boss is someone who doesnt take kindly to criticism and the option is there within the company to send anonymous complaints but unfortunately mine has been aired in public. The email was sent from my home computer. I basically want to know can this email be traced to me can it be that specific. Im not very computed orientated I can send emails and that but anything after is like a foreign language!! is there anything I can do to stop this being found out(like I said I cant really get my head around technology so something simple would be great) or does the fact that the person that my boss is in contact with works in this area specifically mean I have no way out??? I am in Ireland I dont know if that means IP Addresses and stuff is different!! Any advice you could offer would be more than appricated at this stage


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