My identity has been stolen (my story) email trace/ip help!

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My identity has been stolen (my story) email trace/ip help!

Post by davidchan840 » Sun May 31, 2015 1:02 am

I recently got hacked and my identity stolen on several accounts on the internet, including bank/paypal information and a steam account that has over 2,000 dollars to my name. He didn't stop there, he got into my facebook and "casually chatted" with a lot of my friends... he definitely has a mental problem(s). He also made an email on yahoo with my own name in it to send me emails to the one email account I have that he didn't hack into. My password was very complicated but I was a dumbass and used it on multiple sites... I think he used a keylogger to gain all of this information from a bad program I download or something... I'm still not quite sure how he did it.

I was able to get on my Facebook and keep him from getting on it. I found away to download my whole facebook archive and was able to match chatlogs with login times/locations. I was finally able to get his IP address from hours of searching. He is in Manassas, Virginia... at least that is what this site tells me, while im in california.

I found his ISP and contacted them earlier today and they referred me to their abuse department and I wrote a long email with evidence and proof, etc. I also called all of my online accounts/or created support tickets to try and see what they can do. I have back access to a few accounts now and am waiting on some other very important ones. I though about contacting my local police department and filling out a fraud affidavit form or whatever it is or contacting his local police department, I might do both. Since, this is impersonation, fraud, federal theft (500+ worth stolen), and harassment.

Today when changing Facebook password again, I got a notice that someone tried to log in from somewhere in Texas. I found that IP and it was through someone's iphone 5 with AT&T as the service. I will contact AT&T tomorrow to see what they can do. I didn't realize this could be a unidentified keylogger/RAT until a few mins ago so he might have seen a lot of the things I changed on my computer to prevent him from doing more harm. I am going to restore my computer now (PC)... I am typing on one of my friend's computers. Maybe he hacked into our router? How could their be two different IPs from two different states? He sounds very weird but sophisticated.

He sent me an email yesterday through yahoo and even though I have his IP (well what I hope is his IP) - I want to match it up with the email he sent me. I can't get a trace on it though, just the ISP location. PLEASE HELP!!!! This has ruined my weekend and stressed me out beyond repair lol.

Thanks very much!


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Re: My identity has been stolen (my story) email trace/ip help!

Post by Chrispcritters » Mon Jun 08, 2015 2:34 pm

Unfortunately the source IP address was not included in the email header.
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