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Determining physical location of the sender?

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2016 6:14 am
by hacked life
Im not to tec savvy and would appreciate all the help i can get right now not even shure where to post so I'm going to start here a month ago my phone got hacked im receiving anywhere from a 100 to 500 spam Gmail a day i thought I had a good security setup i have everything clean master has to offer never had a problem before this. I was chatting with a girl who said she was from Huston now i look back at the whole deal i should have seen what was going on she had asked me about a golf course where i live and said she had played it well i was a block away at that time well the bells went off but it was to late . I tried full tilt with damage control what ever i got it blew through my antivirus like they weren't there i did manage to close all important accounts before they made it that far thank you Lord for that. I have had my debt card cloned that sucks really bad and you're broke before anyone knows to tell you. So like 3 days after that she pops up on an im on Facebook by this time i think the damage had all been done well excuse my French but *censored* it had just started .She wanted me to download an app lookouts or hangouts don't really remember for chats is what she said.she said she had something to tell me and gave me this e-mail address to look her up with it was hildabrain66gmail WELL i didn't and I started receiving stupid amounts of gmail my Google account was hacked Google said my phone had been cloned used all my data and ran up a HELL of a bill.Got my the account just before i came here Google said my location in Chicago im in kansas Help at times the messages come with numerous email accounts attached one is [email protected] and one was [email protected] I've tried to reverse email them and it comes back they don't exist so confused how were they sent to me? ?? Google sent me warnings that i had been hacked and to change all my passwords on every thing and i have that is good for about two days and it all starts over one day google location tracker says im in western Kansas the next im in Chicago while it also i am in Wichita. I had google trace the outher device that has cloned mine so i had an address looked up who lives there she is 78 years old dont think it's Google said it was an Android device but the# tagged to comes back as a landline so now im more confused. ..So last night i get a text from a 785-229-0257 don't have a clue what area code that is but it was supposed to be that girl ask what I was doing i politely returned the text well if I could find you fucks I'd be kicken the *censored* out of you.all i got back was aha ha ha. This is why im here i need someone to help me out with these jack wagons ive done the leg work just need to trace them down and steel my privacy back all i can figure out i think is it takes a hacker to catch a hacker and just from reading through here i think there could be 1or 2 maby more any help is very much appreciated. Sorry for being so long winded but im trying to let everything i have found out get out here so maybe someone will have an idea for help it's not the phone i care about at this point i can get another but with everything I've done they keep going right through it non of my accounts or contacts or pictures are safe the whole thing has been wiped 5 times just jumped over and checked my gmail 473 new spam Gmail today and it's 8am i used to get maby 5 to 15 sometimes a few more that is expected but 500 a day HELL NO .WILL TAKE ANY HELP OFFERED. THANKS AND GOD BLESS

Re: Determining physical location of the sender?

Posted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 6:36 pm
by nielsencl1
I suggest you secure your devices, even if you have to wipe them and start over. An expert may be able to clean them, but if not just dump everything. Then contact Gmail and any other accounts you have and get them to change your password and lock the hacker(s) out.

You could go after them, but the reality is that's a long shot unless you spend a lot of money on the task. Do yourself a favor and get out of the situation and put your energy into more productive things. I know it sucks and it hurts, but it's just going to continue to be a source of pain and loss for you. :-) Good Luck!