Email abuse?

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Email abuse?

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I've been communicating with a particular person, he's a friend, or at least I think he is. Recently I started to be paranoid about another person being involved in our converasation so I started checking the IP address in the header of each email. It seems I was right but can't explain and would like to believe there is not a third person involved. The person is a traveller, at the moment not in my country, as I was told. However, IP in the header of his emails seems to come from mobile public networks in my country, they change.. And sometimes really come from abroad, that's where it starts to be so confusing. I am not very much familiar how IP works but I'd say it's not possible to be, say in Oman, with emails coming from, say Germany, right? I don't want to conclusion before im 100% sure and also because it's hard to believe i'd be communicating with someone else. Is there a way to explain this? I doubt he connects to VPN, but how IP looks when using proxy, travel router from a mobile company... something like that?? Please, help.
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Re: Email abuse?

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He's not your friend and may be your enemy. If you trust ANYONE on the Internet without getting verifiable proof of who they are, it will end badly for you more likely than not. :-)

Have they talked with you about money yet, or just what a nice life you can have together?

Yes, it is possible to be in one place and send email that is or appears to be from, another location.

You should either test them to see what they do, or drop the communication now. If you really don't want to do that, make them verify who they are by contacting someone at an airline or american consulate. Then have your "friend' go their and talk to someone YOU contacted first. Don't take chances, please.