Seeking help from this forum to find a "catfish"

Post your questions about tracing the source IP address of an email here.
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Seeking help from this forum to find a "catfish"

Post by thareflection » Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:50 pm

HI There WhatIsMyIPAddress Community,

To make a long story short 5 years ago I supposedly gave attractive women my information (I had been drinking heavily that night). I had talked to this person on and off for years trying to verify their existence. I know something is fishy but I have not been able to uncover the truth and they have not stopped messaging me and at times it's been ultra aggressive. I'd like to uncover the truth because I fear this supposed beautiful women is someone close to me that has been trying to be manipulative for whatever sick reason in their own head.

When I skype with this person they move and show video but no sound which leads me to believe this person is extremely tech saavy and is streaming video attempting to act as if they are who they say they are. All I have is their email address (GMAIL), Skype contact information and previously WhatsApp Contact information.

It is my understanding from these forums and my own search that Gmail has removed the ability to find IP Addresses from the headers. I have access to their Google+ profile and I could even reach out to them and send a photo with some sort of attachment perhaps that when they open it it can provide me their IP address (or so I've been told).

Is there any hope for me to identify this sick individual. I have fears that in the beginning when I did actually fall for the lies and open up about my personal life (and share photos,etc.) that they are actually a predator of some sort, etc. and that if I stop continuing to entertain their conversation that they will get aggressive or do something crazy.

If they've shared a file via google drive, chat via skype, whatsapp or If there is any platform I direct them to that could help me find the truth please let me know.

I really appreciate everyone's help here as I feel frustrated and helpless in terms of understanding what to do (as i've tried to ignore them for ages)

Thank you

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Re: Seeking help from this forum to find a "catfish"

Post by Chrispcritters » Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:06 pm

You might want to take a look at the following article about how someone could get your IP address. Just turn it around and there are a number of ways you can try to get their IP address.
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