Unhelpful blacklist lot

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Unhelpful blacklist lot

Post by Dozey John » Mon May 14, 2012 1:07 am

My IP address has been blacklisted by one smug and unhelpful crew who apparently service the NHS. I can't email my GP's surgery - which strikes me as meaning they are providing a bad service to their NHS client. So far as I'm aware it is on no other blacklists. My ISP are trying to resolve it but say that "xxxx is the IP address that the person who was sending all the SPAM messages from. This isn't your IP address, it simply is very close to your IP address rack." The balcklist company, known variously as MAPS or Trend Micro Inc. or [email protected], on being told this say "We do not list email addresses nor domain names only IPs. is the IP that appeared in your removal request. And as of the moment we are still seeing recent spam from this IP, and only the ISP or the mail administrator can solve the problem. We need to see that spam has stopped prior to its
removal from the list." But if my ISP says it isn't my IP address why do they think it is? Do I have a unique IP address or share it with others? At least they've stopped telling me I have to "co-operate"m cheeky beggars! Help!


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