Blacklisted "Spam Mail"

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Blacklisted "Spam Mail"

Post by MidlandTurbo »


Hello, we have been blacklisted now for afew weeks, at first we thought it was because the Reverse DNS was not set up properly, after it was, we thought we would get un-blacklisted..

We found at a later date that our IP address is apparently sending spam into spam traps and we keep getting listed.

I have virus scanned all the computers and even tried to swamp through the SMTP logs.

We are running Windows Business Server 2008 and Exchange server 2007, does anyone have any suggestions, any programs or any settings that I can change to help avoid this?

Thanks in advanced.
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Re: Blacklisted "Spam Mail"

Post by Chrispcritters » ... mit=Lookup indicates that there is a machine infected with the rustock spamBOT.

The spamcop listing looks like it will come off in about 20 hours. indicates that there is still spam coming from that IP address. You can check the evidence here: ... k+evidence

Another thing that you can do on your firewall is to block outbound connections to port 25 from all machines except your mail server so ONLY your mail server is allowed to send mail out from your network.
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