On the dronebl.org Blacklist

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On the dronebl.org Blacklist

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When I try to connect to an IRC channel, I get a message referring me to
http://dronebl.org/lookup_branded?ip=73 ... torrenting

According to http://whatismyv6.com/, my IPv6 address is 2601:240:c901:fd00:1888:90e6:9a37:fce2 and my IPv4 address is Their "Normal" test indicates that my browser (Google Chrome) prefers the IPv6 address.

dronebl apparently sees my IPv6 address when I'm visiting their site. I've done a search on that and there are no incidents listed; the IPv6 address isn't blacklisted.

When I visit the IRC site, however, it sees my IPv4 address, which is a blacklisted address at dronebl.

I tried going through their removal process, but was greeted with the message that I wasn't at the IP address I wanted removed. I assume this is because they saw the IPv6 address when I was filling out the removal request form, rather than the IPv4 address, which is what I was asking to have removed. Why they think there's a difference between the two baffles me.

In re-visiting the referral page above, there no longer seems to be a way to request removal. I don't recall what was listed under the "Remove" column before, but it now says "pending removal". It's been nearly two days since I submitted the request; does anyone know how long I should wait? I can't see a way to contact them any longer; any suggestions?

Also, why would an incident have been reported? I think I'm on a static IP address with Comcast, so the incident, dated March 20, 2017, would have come from my computer. I swear I haven't been sending spam! I don't understand the text under the "Why?" column, either: "IRC spam drone (litmus/sdbot/fyle)". I have rarely used IRC anywhere; I'm certain I wasn't using it on a regular basis anywhere in March. I'm still struggling with how to use IRC, actually.

Any help or suggestions you could provide would be most appreciated. I am thoroughly confused, in case that wasn't apparent!

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Re: On the dronebl.org Blacklist

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I would try using a proxy server, maybe one of the free ones to see if that will work for whatever it is you are trying to do.

The other option is to try and contact someone connected with the IRC site and see if they can help you. If you can't reach the site, try looking up the WHOIS for the domain name and that should give you an email and phone number.