Please Removal Blacklist IP

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Please Removal Blacklist IP

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Dear Support

Could you help me to delist this IP Why my ip entry to blacklist So i check to the website my ip not entry to blacklist but every I send email I get this error message like below. Please help me

Result: delayed, Status: 4.1.8 476 ERR_TMP_SENDER_REJECT_BLACKLIST(476) - Sorry, your message is temporarily rejected because sender is currently on one of the blacklists - blacklist=RBL/, ip=,


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Re: Please Removal Blacklist IP

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WhatIsMyIpAddress (or the volunteers on this forum) are unable to remove you from the APEWS lists. Unless your email is being blocked because of a listing on one of the APEWS lists, you can safely ignore the listing.

For more information, take a look here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3941
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Re: Please Removal Blacklist IP

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Please remove
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Re: Please Removal Blacklist IP

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You'll need to find some other means to contact the company and ask them to stop using the APEWS blacklist to filter email.
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