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is there any offline software that would alert if l log in to blacklisted ip

Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 4:45 am
Hi, Someimes, if i log in to genuine website, i was asked to give some more credentials or maths query to allow . Here i thought of knowing better and came across blacklisted ips.
It is not my fault, that i would be alloted an external ip infected. if suppose, i had not logged on to the website, i would not have known that i logged in to an infected ip session. Normally, i would just power off the modem to get a new external ip, with the hope that this time l log in to a non affected ip by the ISP.
My query is : is there any software that would give me an alert if i log in to infected ip or blacklilsted ip? without my log in to the website by chance to know. Or if there is no, could you please give me commands so that i could create a bat file to run on startup.