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Post your questions about DNS based blacklists, what they are, listing status, and removal help.
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Blacklist Help

Post by thebus71h »

Trying to get our IP off of the blacklist. Have a Meraki MX64 here, rules set to block SMTP, we don't have an on site mail server, just through our ISP and through our web hosting, but my Public IP is being blacklisted causing us some email issues, as well as a couple of websites being blocked. I know through the forum I read that these blacklists shouldn't effect websites, but the one that I'm dealing with works on every other network I've tried but mine, contacted them and they have stated it is due to the IP blacklisting.

My IP address is

I've scanned all my machines for malware, and have been looking through the packet data on wireshark and don't see anything glaring at me.
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Re: Blacklist Help

Post by Chrispcritters »

You've got an issue going on.

CBL is probably your best place to start. Perform a check of your IP at

The CBL listing leads me to believe that what they are seeing indicates a possible router compromise.

Once you've been able to clear up the listing at CBL you can then start working out to other listings.
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