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Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2020 4:07 am
by loades
What bunch of complete idiots these people seem to be. I see the general advice here is to ignore being listed by them and assured that it will make no difference. However, it does make a difference. I'm blocked from opening a webmail account because of the 67 blacklists they check against just 1 (apews) lists my IP address. The reasons apews give for blacklisting include that my IP address is in a dynamic block, no PTR record etc. My ISP has confirmed that reasons are incorrect, I have static IP, a PTR record etc. Has anyone ever been able to communicate with these idiots? As you see their FAQ says that I'm making a fool of myself by posting to a forum. They are the fools, not me.

*Q41: How does one contact APEWS? *
*A41*: One does not. APEWS does not accept removal request by email,
fax, voicemail or letters.
Bugging the APEWS maintainers is considered as additional abuse and will
lead to escalations. Abusing forum / lists by posting a removal request,
you will make a fool of yourself and you are at risk to end up in
additional private blocklists, so think twice before posting.


Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 6:25 am
by Chrispcritters
APEWS is designed for use by mail servers to check if income mailing sources should be accepted. Since your IP address is not a mail server this would be expected behavior. Using APEWS as you describe will have massive unintended consequences.

Is GMX actually saying they're preventing you from signing up because of APEWS?