I love this website IP trace

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I love this website IP trace

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It's my first time to Registered but been using this IP trace since 2003 or 2005, to get the right Info for all Game hackers in all my server, [gameservers.com].

Punkbuster can not detect all hackers [PB Proof] with multiple GUID and IP ban is not effective. ipconfig/ipconfig renew change their IP.
Hackers used a Dynamic IP.
Below is the example of the hacker who keep crashing dDoS attack all of my gameservers.
1589557 Gandalf =
1506921 Wizard=IP: and
State/Region: Oregon
City: Eugene
Hostname: 71-34-248-17.eugn.qwest.net
ISP: Qwest Communications

My Legal Team and Local Law Enforcement will take care of this Hacker.
Why Hack a Free Internet game and make for Gamers not Fun to play with.
I'm doing this Hosting for young adults to adults to stay home playing games. It's the safest place not like out in the Street or hanging out, looking in the for trouble. [wrong place, wrong time] or even Gangs or Illegal Drugs and such.

Thank You so Much for this Website "whatismyipaddress.com" to all admins, Owner and staff.